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Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for the healthcare of local people.

Our members are the doctors in the 17 GP Practices in the district.

We are responsible for buying a whole range of health services that you don’t get directly from your GP – like hospital appointments or home visits from a community nurse.

We work with a range of local partners, and we also want patients to get involved in how services develop.

NHS Future Fit Joint Committee meeting

A joint committee of NHS Telford and Wrekin CCG and NHS Shropshire CCG will meet in public to receive for approval the recommendations from the NHS Future Fit Board on the outcome of the Option Appraisal.

The committee will meet at 6.30pm on Monday 12 December at the Telford International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford, TF3 4JH

More information can be found on the CCG governing body meeting page of the website www.telfordccg.nhs.uk/board-meetings 

Malling Health Wrekin Engagement

Malling Health Wrekin Site

Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wish to inform you of possible changes to Malling Health Wrekin in the future.

The reason why there may be changes is due to the type of contract used to set up Malling Health Wrekin in 2009.  This is known as an Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) Contract and comes to an end in July 2017.  This is different to all other GP Practices in Telford and Wrekin who have a General Medical Services (GMS) Contract which is not time limited.  The other difference is that the Malling Health Wrekin contract delivers GP services to a registered patient list and also provides a GP walk-in service for the whole population of Telford and Wrekin. 

The CCG would now like to gather the views of individuals who are registered patients at Malling Health Wrekin.  We would like to know about the factors that influence your choice of GP Practice before we decide whether to retender the contract (the process by which we select who provides care) or consider reallocating patients to other GP practices across Telford. 

If you are a patient registered at Malling Health Wrekin, we would like to invite you to share your views by completing an online survey available at http://tinyurl.com/imh-malling-wrekin-survey

   If you prefer to complete a paper survey or to share your views via telephone, please contact the Patient Services Team on 01952 580478 or email twccg.patientservices@nhs.net

If you would prefer to share your opinions with an independent organisation, you can also contact Healthwatch Telford and Wrekin (the independent consumer champion for health and social care in this area) on 01952 739540 or email info@healthwatchtelfordandwrekin.co.uk

This engagement process will take place between Monday 14th November and Friday 16th December 2016.  We will then consider the information gathered to inform the decision on the future provision of services and a decision is expected to be made by the end of January 2017.

All completed surveys must be received before midnight on 16 December 2016

Welcome to the NHS Future Fit programme

Future Fit logoShaping healthcare together

Listening to the public and clinicians across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and mid Wales it is clear that there is a lot we can celebrate in the local NHS but also much that can and should improve. View the futurefit website here.

Your Rights and Responsibilities


Patients in Telford and Wrekin have introduced a series of leaflets and posters which will help people to better understand their rights and their responsibilities when it comes to health care services.

Your rights and responsibilities outline the key themes as set out by the NHS, together with what is expected from the patients as well.

“The NHS ConsTitution is an absolute minefield,” explained GP and Chair, Dr Mike Innes. “It’s a huge document that most people wrestle with in terms of understanding exactly what they are entitled to from the NHS alongside what the NHS should provide for them. We are delighted that the Health roundtable took it upon themselves to break down this information in such a fun and informative way.”

A series of posters have been produced together with a four page leaflet to give people that at-a-glance insight into the workings of the NHS.

Patrick Spreadbury, a member of the T&W Health Roundtable said: “In our role as critical friends to the CCG, it became really obvious to us that the terms laid out in the NHS Constitution were fairly bureaucratic and didn’t explain, in simplistic terms, how these affect people. That’s why we looked through them and picked out some of the key elements that we felt people should know or might find useful and we’re really pleased with the results.”

Younger members of the health roundtable also contributed to the marketing campaign with a #wtf (what’s that for) poster playing on a well-known hashtag that would catch peoples’ attention. The information is also colour coded to help illustrate the difference in what people’s rights are.

GP surgeries have these leaflets and posters and you can read or download them here: 

- Your Rights and Responsibilities posters [pdf] 183KB
- Your Rights and Responsibilities 4-page leaflet [pdf] 201KB
- Your Rights and Responsibilities #WTF leaflet [pdf] 193KB


Contact Us

If you have a question or comment regarding the Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group, get in touch by:

Telephone: 01952 580300

Email:  tawccg.enquiries@nhs.net 

Telford and Wrekin CCG
NHS Telford and Wrekin
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Directions to Halesfield [pdf] 436KB

Directions to Halesfield from the North [pdf] 76KB


Primary Eye-care Assessment and Referral Service (PEARS)

Pears If you are worried about a recent eye condition - there is now a new free service to offer advice.  You can access this service if you are registered with a GP in Shropshire or Telford and Wrekin.

Find out more here

My Life portal

my life

MyLife is designed to help you find the right 
help, at the right time to promote independence.
You can find information and advice about how
you can help yourself, family members and friends.’

Information provided by Telford & Wrekin council

Prescription Ordering Direct (POD)

Link to Prescription Ordering Direct (POD)


Medicines Waste Campaign

Repeat prescription - only order what you need.

Wasted medicines waste money

Unused prescription medicines cost your local NHS an estimated £1million every year.

Unused medicines cannot be recycled

Even if you never open them, unused medicines that are returned to a pharmacy cannot
be recycled or used for anyone else.

How can you help?

Think carefully before ordering your repeat prescription and only order the items you need.
Please remember your medicines are prescribed for you - it is not safe to share them. 

Medicines Waste UK Facebook page


  1. Multi-Million Pound Contract Awarded

    A multi-million-pound contract that will transform emotional health and well-being services for those aged 0-25 across Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire has now been awarded.  The new service which has been designed in part by local young people, parents and carers will promote emotional resilience, help to prevent mental health crises and respond quickly to the mental health needs of children and young people.  It will provide a much wider choice of service options for how children, young people and families engage with local services.

    06 Dec 2016 08:00
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NHS Healthcare Apps

The new NHS Healthcare Apps library is up and running – making it simpler for you to find safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health. These have been reviewed by the NHS to ensure they are clinically safe and relevant to people living in the UK. To take a look follow the link  http://apps.nhs.uk.

Please be aware that there may be a charge for some of the apps. Please let us know how useful the site is, or if there are any of the apps you really like.

You can leave feedback at: twccg.patientservices@nhs.net

we’d really like to hear from you!