Patient involvement in decision making in our committees and groups


The CCG has assurance on its involvement and relationship with the public through the established Assuring Involvement Committee (AIC), which, in line with its Terms of Reference, is made up of up to 12 members which can include 11 members of the public and the Board Lay member for Public and Patient Involvement.  The Committee is chaired by a volunteer member and meets on a monthly basis with a full agenda and discusses with the commissioners the Communication and Engagement Plans for each proposal on new or changing services commissioned by the CCG.  The Chair of the AIC completes a report which is then presented to the next CCG Governance Board for assurance purposes.

We run a recruitment process for AIC members, information can be found here.  In addition we also provide training for new AIC members in the form of presentations, training pack can be found here.  Patients or members of the general public that would like to apply to be a member of the AIC will find details and an application pack here.

In addition, if our providers are in the process of transformation of services, this will include the engagement and involvement work that they have planned.

The CCG has a number of sub-committees where patient involvement is key:-

  • Assuring Involvement Committee – patient volunteer chair
  • Planning, Performance and Quality Committee – Lay member Chair
  • Primary Care Committee – Lay member Chair
  • Audit Committee – Lay member Chair
  • Individual Funding Committee – Lay member Chair
  • Remuneration Committee – two Lay Members attend
  • Joint Commissioning Policies Advisory Committee – Lay member/Patient volunteer attend
  • The CCG also has a number of working groups that include patient volunteers/lay member:-
  • Telemedicine Working Group – Patient rep
  • Medical Safety Committee – patient rep