Signposting Campaign

Signposting Campaign

In March 2017, Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit’s (MLCSU) Communication & Engagement Service were asked to develop a campaign proposal to support the CGG to communicate changes it made to the local walk-in centre provision and at the same time educate patients and the public on the options available to them to access healthcare services.

Part of their proposal included working with influential stakeholders who they recruited for a number of focus groups. The focus groups were held at different venues and different times of the day to maximise attendance. To extend the reach of engagement they also had an online survey. Patients and the public discussed their awareness of local healthcare services and what services they had recently used and why. There were also discussions on how best to inform the public of the various healthcare services available and what marketing the CCG could use to get messages across.

The results enabled the MLCSU to produce a number of marketing campaigns that were shared with the same patient and public focus groups, who choose the design they thought would have the most impact.

The campaign was launched  and included social media advertising, outdoor advertising and printed material. The printed material was shared with our GP practices, stakeholders and voluntary and community groups.

As part of the process we met with both the Polish and Chinese communities to ask for their feedback. It was identified that leaflets in English were not picked up by these communities, however they would read any information that was printed in their language. The material for the campaign was translated and printed into Polish and Chinese and shared with the community.

A review of the campaign has shown that patients are now aware of NHS 111 and that their local pharmacy can also help with minor ailments.

With the introduction of the GP Extended Hours, the leaflets have been reviewed to include information about how patients can access GP appointments during evening, weekends and over bank holidays