The Complex Care Team

The staff in the Complex Care team are responsible for assessing, planning and commissioning the services described below and are responsible for implementing the National Service Framework for Continuing Health Care.

The provision of a quality service is important to the team which consists of 2 administrators, 1 business manager and 8 clinical team members who are registered nurses. Complex Care Team

Most people with long term or complex conditions have a range of needs and these include Healthcare Needs.   This means, the treatment of the persons disease, illness or injury and Social Care needs.  This includes activities of daily living, washing, using the toilet, accessing the community etc.

The Complex Care team are responsible for commissioning services for people with some of the most complex healthcare needs in Telford and Wrekin. This includes the following services :

Continuing NHS Healthcare

  • Continuing Health Care (CHC) is where a person has been assessed as having a Primary Health need and it is then the responsibility of the NHS to provide both the assessed healthcare and social needs of the person. CHC is exceptional funding for people with exceptional needs, it is not a mainstream source of NHS funding for the majority of the patients in Telford and Wrekin .

Fast Track Care

  • Fast Track is where a person has been assessed as having a rapidly declining condition that may be entering end of life. This person can then receive CHC without a lengthy assessment process.

Funded Nursing Care

  • Funded Nursing Care is a payment made by the NHS to a care home, for the care provided by a registered Nurse.  It is a set amount agreed nationally

Specialist Placements

  • Specialist placements are made when a person has healthcare needs that need specialist care and treatment but where the person is expected to make a degree of recovery

Joint Funding

  • Joint Funding is provided between Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the Local Authority (LA) or, a self-funding person, when it has been assessed that the NHS ought to contribute towards the cost of care

Section 117 funding

  • Section 117 is a provision of aftercare services for certain people, who have previously been detained under certain sections of the Mental Health Act