Telford and Wrekin Integrated Place Partnership


Providing the support people need to live well and independently and caring for people is one of the most important things we do as a country and as a borough. 

Every day, people are supporting and caring for their neighbours, family members, friends and the wider community. This support encourages people to lead healthier lives and helps people keep their independence and reduces loneliness in a way that public services are less able to do.

By encouraging GPs, social care workers, community nurses, community groups, volunteers and mental health workers to work more closely together, more co-ordinated health and social care service can be created.  A service where health and social care are more responsive, giving care closer to home and personalised to each individual. We’ll also be ensuring that health and social care services are about helping keep people well for longer – allowing them to live independent lives and avoid being admitted to hospital.

There are many people who have the energy and passion to make a difference in the local community and we should be working in partnership with them and empowering them.

Basically, local people know their communities better than we do.

Working in this way will ensure that health and social care is based around people’s needs, not the needs of public organisations. 

This way of working is known locally as ‘Integrated Place’ and to ensure its delivery the Senior Officers across the health and social care system come together in the Telford & Wrekin Integrated Place Partnership. 

As part of this programme of work a Communication & Engagement Strategy has been developed to ensure there is a consistent narrative across the Borough. Along with the strategy there is a plan of activity, which will be updated regularly.

We will keep you informed of all the things that will be happening in YOUR community, to support you to live well, be independent, and help you care for loved ones.

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