CCG AGM 2018

AGM 2018 Arrival

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the CCG was held at the Holiday Inn, St Quentin Gate, Telford. The Agenda  included the annual Care with Confidence Awards and this year the CCG Staff Awards.

Patients and the public were able to visit the stands which included Healthwatch Telford & Wrekin, Challenging Perceptions, Telford & Wrekin Diabetes Support Group and Telford Patients First Group.  

.   AGM 2018 Local Support Group DiabetesAGM 2018 Challenging PerceptionsAGM 2018 HWTWAGM 2018 TPFG


In the foyer they also had the opportunity to speak to the Healthy Lifestyle Adviser and have a mini health checkAGM 2018 Katie Baker

The AGM was opened by Dr Jo Leahy, who welcomed everyone and introduced Mr David Evans the CEO, who spoke about the past 12 months achievements and challenges the CCG has faced, including the NHS Future Fit Programme and Consultation. Mr Jon Cooke Finance Director presented the Annual Accounts, the AGM was closed by Dr Jo Leahy

Following the AGM, Dr Jo Leahy announced the Care with Confidence Awards. This year there were 11 nominations. The following were given awards:-

Individual Award – Gary Brewer Gary Brewer

Gary has dedicated his childhood and early adult years to caring for not only members of his own family but also volunteering his time to help run a weekly ‘youth club’ that provides a safe space for young carers to have a break, get some support and more importantly have some fun.

From a very young age Gary cared for his younger sister who has disabilities and is also now depended upon to provide care and support for his elderly parents who have a number of health conditions.

At 14 pressures as well as being presented with some difficult life choices lead him to a cross roads with one way leading them down the ‘wrong path’. Thankfully he turned to Telford Carers Centre and through a dedicated support worker got the encouragement and support he needed.

Being a carer has it’s up and downs and Gary has had to overcome a number of emotional and financial challenges. Despite all of this he remains committed to his caring role within the family.

Gary’s confidence has grown through the years and now he uses his own experiences and knowledge to help other young carers. He provides an invaluable volunteering role at a weekly youth club and also mentors around 20 young carers giving them support in their role as a carer but also helping them to gain the confidence to be recognised, valued and have their own independence.

This support is priceless and helps to keep families strong and well in their own homes and communities.

Team Award – Donnington Pharmacy Donnington Pharmacy

Donnington Pharmacy received multiple nominations for the service that they provide to residents of Telford and Wrekin. The words friendly, helpful and caring were heavily featured as well as a clear message that nothing is ever too much trouble and the staff are always on hand to listen and advise.

There were personal stories of the excellent caring nature of the staff with one nominee describing them as ‘mindful’ for the care they give to their disabled son and another telling of a time they were given a personal phone number over the Christmas period in case they were needed in an emergency.

It’s clear that the service they offer and the way in which they deliver it goes above and beyond what is expected.

Outstanding Achievement Award – Telford Autism Hub Telford Autism Hub

The Telford Autism Hub (The Hub) is made up of both paid staff and volunteers who are breaking barriers in mental health for the residents of Telford and Wrekin.

When diagnosed with a mental health condition, individuals can often find it hard to understand and struggle to see how they will fit into society.

The clinical staff here have changed how the diagnosis to this mental health condition is made, ensuring the patient focuses on the positive assets they have, and are given the time and support needed to be part of the decision making process about their future health needs.

They work closely with individuals after diagnosis to help them plan their future and find them the support they need to carry these plans out for example with employment.

They have worked hard to change the culture of the service they offer encouraging and supporting service users to make links and forge relationships out in the community rather than treat the service as a day care centre. This has proved challenging and required courage on the part of service users to make that change and take those steps.

As well as supporting those diagnosed they have also been training local businesses to become more aware of the mental health condition, created a wall within the sensory garden in the town centre and have worked with service users to develop a film to help explain the issues that individuals with this condition may face.

Lifetime Achievement Award – David Gill David Gill

Around three years ago Dave recognised an opportunity to help improve mental health services for the people of Telford and Wrekin and set about creating a network made up of third sector organisations that support people with mental health issues. Dave now chairs a thriving network of over 30 organisations who meet on a regular basis, share examples of good practice and act as a signposting service to each other highlighting when their service could help an individual in need.

As a member of the mental health trust board, Dave acts as a positive role model for others and is always happy to share both good and bad experiences to help improve metal health services locally. Dave has acted as a mentor sharing his knowledge to support others in developing their skills and empowering them to achieve their goals. Thanks to his support and guidance further third sector organisations have been developed to help those with mental health illnesses.

Dave is highly respected by both the volunteering sector and professionals working within the field and his care, commitment and compassion for those with mental health issues is evident in all that he does.

Sadly, for Telford Dave has made the decision to retire but thanks to him we rest in the knowledge that his legacy will continue through others.

All those nominated, were invited to have their photographs taken with their awards.

To round of the evening the CCG handed out two Staff Awards to Kate Owen and Bernadette Williams.