A simple "Red Bag", making a difference

Tray of CakesThe innovative “red bag” scheme is helping to provide better care experience for care home residents by improving communication between care homes and hospitals.

When a resident becomes unwell and is assessed as needing hospital care, the care home staff, packs a dedicated red bag that includes the Red Bag Relay check sheet, the resident’s paperwork, medication, clothes for the day of discharge and any other personal items the resident wishes to have with them.

The red bag is handed to the ambulance crew by the care home staff and it travels with the patient to the hospital, where it is handed over to the doctor/nurse.

This simple initiative started in Sutton, South West London and now all areas in the country are being urged to adopt the scheme.Red Cake with Angela Julie Steph 2

The Red Bag Scheme will help to improve patient care by making sure hospital staff are informed about the individual’s normal activities and ensure that patients have all the items they need to have when they are admitted and will improve their discharge back to the care home. Telford & Wrekin are adopting the scheme locally as part integrated community working, also known as neighbourhood working.

To improve awareness of the scheme, the engagement team linked with Julie and Steph from the Community Care Home Team who as part of their promotion work visited the Princess Royal A & E to hand out cupcakes which included the “red bag”, to members of staff working in the unit. The feedback from the staff on the project and the cakes was very positive!