Frailty & Falls Service

Phase 1 -Review of Fit 4All Programme

The Fit4All service is commissioned by the CCG to deliver a programme of exercises to those patients who have previously had a fall or attended the Falls Clinic at the Paul Brown Unit at the PRH, Telford. The programme needed to be reviewed as it remains under an SLA and has not had a review since its introduction in 2013. The CCG required a deeper understanding of the services provided and the benefits to patients/public.

Following discussion with the commissioner, the quality lead and the provider of the service a communication and Engagement plan was developed. The Patient Service Team visited a number of sessions run by the Fit 4 All instructors held across Telford & Wrekin, and spoke with a number of people attending the classes, to get an understanding of how the class had helped them, and how they had found out that the class existed. A full Engagement Report has been shared with the commissioner and the quality lead.