Your experiences

Telford & Wrekin CCG Patient Services Team gather details of service users' experiences from various sources, including formal methods such as complaints, Patient Advice & Liaison (PALS) queries and compliments.  We also review feedback websites such as NHS UK or Healthwatch Telford & Wrekin.  In addition  the team goes out to visit various groups and organisations in order to understand what service users have been experiencing whilst using local health services.  

What do we do with this information?  

There would be no point gathering this information together, if we are not going to put it to good use.  So we analyse this information and use it to identify themes (whether good or bad) in service user experiences, this is then shared with those who commission local services, so that real experience can be used to improve and develop local heath service provision.  

Here are just a couple of examples of how we have used service user feedback to help improve services: -

  • Following the implementation of a new reporting system at a local provider organisation, it was discovered that there were some issues around how the system transferred information across. It was raised with the CCG that this had caused a delay in results investigations being communicated.  Since discovering this, a failsafe has been put in place to prevent future reoccurrence.
  • The CCG was contacted by more than one service user in relation to a policy that restricted the treatment for their condition.  The CCG demonstrated that they had listened to their concerns by reviewing the policy.  This led to the policy being updated to better reflect national guidelines.

We welcome your feedback

So why not contact us to share details of your experiences, even if you do not want the CCG to take any further action at the time, the more feedback we receive the better picture we have of local healthcare services being provided, allowing us to address issues when they arise, share good practice, which will in turn lead to better care for all in the future.  

If you do want to share feedback the Patient Services Team can be contacted via telephone on 01952 580407 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.