NHS commissioners for Telford & Wrekin rated as “Good” by national regulators

Telford & Wrekin’s Health Commissioners today had their overall performance rated as “Good” by NHS England, the regulator of CCGs.

NHS England (NHSE) has published annual assurance ratings for all of the 209 CCGs across the country. The ratings relate to CCGs’ performance as commissioners not the quality of services patients receive from local hospitals, GPs or other NHS health providers.

A number of areas were assessed to reach the annual headline rating and these were:

  • Well led organisation – assured as good
  • Delegated functions – assured as good
  • Finance – assured as good
  • Performance – limited assurance
  • Planning  - assured as good

Dr Jo Leahy, the CCG’s Chair said: “Our assessment highlighted a number of areas of strength, including our robust management of cancer performance, resulting in improved waiting times. We are also driving improvements in a number of key areas with our main hospital provider SaTH.

“This is testament to the hard work of our relatively small but highly dedicated team at the CCG.”

CCG Chief Officer David Evans added: “Despite our good rating we must not be complacent as there are still areas we need to improve, including supporting the local system to deliver the four hour A&E wait target.

“We would both like to commend our staff for their hard work and commitment in helping us to achieve this year’s rating which is a tangible sign of the progress we are making.”