CCGs committed to improving maternity service

Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will set up a review group to consider the latest best practice and review quality issues within maternity services.

Although the majority of women during pregnancy have a positive experience, the CCGs are aware of instances where the patient experience could be improved. Both Clinical Commissioning Groups are committed to ensuring that all mothers and their families are able to access local and high quality maternity services. This review aims to look for potential improvements by using best practice from across the West Midlands.

The CCGs also recognise that in such a rural area, access to services and patient choice is essential.  Mothers can choose to have a baby at home, in their local midwife led unit (five towns) or, when needed, in the consultant led unit at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Both CCGs would like to stress that this review is not considering closing local services, and is to listen to clinical solutions on how processes can be improved.

Clinicians and managers from all three organisations will be on the review group, along with a patient representative who can give a patient perspective on maternity needs. As part of the review, the CCGs will be contacting patients to understand their needs and experiences.

This review demonstrates that the CCGs are responding to quality issues within the Hospital Trust, including assessing how serious incidents can be avoided and how midwife to birth ratios can be improved.

Dr Caron Morton, Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Accountable Officer, said,

"As commissioners we are committed to ensuring patients have access to high quality and safe maternity care in the county. Working within a large rural area we recognise the importance of patient access to services and importantly patient choice.

We know from patient feedback that many patients have a good experience of local maternity services, however we also know that there have been instances where the patient experience could be improved.  We want all mothers and their families to be confident that they will receive high quality care and choice.  We will be working closely with the Hospital Trust to review services and consider any best practice. We will be involving patients within this review group to understand their needs and priorities."

David Evans, Chief Officer of Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group, said,

"We are aware of concerns around performance and staffing ratios within maternity services and are keen to work with the Hospital Trust to consider best practice and identify any improvements that can be made. It is important that mothers and their families are able to access appropriate and quality maternity care.

By involving clinicians from both the CCGs and the Hospital Trust, we will be able to identify clinically appropriate process improvements. We are also keen to listen to patients and understand their needs in shaping local maternity care."