Leading doctors in Telford and Wrekin draw up pledge to 'Care with Confidence' alongside patients and public

PATIENT representatives have joined forces with leading doctors in Telford and Wrekin to develop a new pledge to ‘care with confidence’.

The campaign, launched by the Health Round Table alongside Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group highlights the principles all organisations and individuals will sign up to when organising or taking part in events and activities that involve patients and the public.

Sharon Smith, who leads on engagement for Telford and Wrekin CCG, said:

Using a flower as a symbol of growth and development, the Care with Confidence campaign sets out the CCG’s commitment to engage and involve our population in decisions and discussions about their care at every step of the way.

The campaign posters feature the flower surrounded by 18 petals, each holding a word beginning with the letter c, with an accompanying key explaining how that word is reflected in the pledge.

The 18 different aspects of the Care with Confidence pledge are:

  • To care for those we serve
  • To show compassion in all that we do
  • To be good communicators
  • To be courageous with the decisions we make
  • To be skilled and competent
  • To show unswerving commitment
  • To carry out or role with confidence
  • To offer comfort to those around us who need it
  • To work in a culture of openness and transparency
  • To adopt a creative approach in how we work
  • To always have a contingency plan in place
  • To maintain our reputation and credibility as a partner
  • To demonstrate clarity in all that we do
  • To be strong in the co-ordination of our duties
  • To apply common sense in our approach to everything
  • To consistently show consideration for those around us
  • To maintain confidentiality when dealing with others
  • To adopt an open and fair commissioning policy