Simple steps to help asthma sufferers breathe more easily in cold weather

ASTHMA sufferers can breathe more easily during the winter months by following a series of simple tips, local leading doctors are advising.

Research by leading charity Asthma UK found around three quarters of the 5.4 million people with the condition in the UK saw their symptoms triggered by the cold air and 90% saying having a cold or flu made their asthma considerably worse.

Dr Mike Innes, Chair of Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group said traditionally admission to hospital of people with asthma peaked during cold weather.

This can be a tricky and potentially dangerous time of years for people with asthma. Some asthma sufferers will find their airways are more sensitive to changes in temperature so when the cold snaps come they often find their symptoms worsening.

Dr Innes said if asthma sufferers knew cold air triggered their condition there were a few simple steps they could take to help when the temperature dropped.

“Try taking one or two puffs on your reliever before going out into the cold air,” he said. “Also, make sure to wear warm clothing and try placing a scarf or a wrap over your nose and mouth to help warm the air before you breathe it in.

“People with asthma should have the flu jab and ensure they have stocked up on medicines if they are planning to be away from home,” he said. “Make sure you ask for a repeat prescription of inhalers if you are starting to run low or that what you have is almost out of date.”

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