Keeping active is key to staying healthy for older people, leading local doctors advise

Leading local doctors are advising older patients in Telford and Wrekin that keeping active can help take the edge off the cold winter weather and help keep you healthy.

Physical activity can also help you stay energetic and independent and help improve your sense of wellbeing.

While it is tempting to huddle up, being too inactive can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health.

Dr Mike Innes, Chair of Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group said:

Keeping active is the key to staying fit, mobile and independent. Doing some fairly basic exercises indoors can really make a difference to flexibility, strength and balance.

Moderate exercise also helps keep you warm and improves circulation. Everyone should make sure that at the very least they move around once every hour and don’t stay in a chair for too long.

It is also well known that mental health can suffer in winter. Exercise can also help your mood during the winter gloom and give you a more positive outlook.

The NHS has produced a guide to exercise for older people, which includes exercises that can be done while sitting. A copy is attached. It is also available at the NHS Choices website on by searching for Exercises for Older People.