Festival goers urged to get measles jab

Summer music festivals are hugely popular but they now come with a warning. There has been a surge in the number of measles cases reported at these events. Because of this, local NHS chiefs are urging local residents to get vaccinated before attending music festivals.

There were 38 suspected measles cases linked to music festivals reported last year between June and July. Measles is a highly infectious illness which can sometimes lead to serious complications. With music festivals, such as Wireless and Reading, fast approaching, Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is encouraging residents to protect themselves ahead of events like these.

Dr Jo Leahy, CCG Chair, said: “Music festivals are understandably very popular, but we’ve recently seen a number of measles outbreaks at these events. I would advise anyone attending a festival to plan ahead and make sure they have had the MMR vaccination before going to the events.

“Protecting yourself against measles with a vaccination is easy, and many people get their Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccinations when they are children. If you haven’t had this, or you are not sure, talk to your GP. In most cases, adults can get vaccinated at any time.

“If you do not know if you have been vaccinated or not, make sure you call your GP or contact NHS 111 to find out your vaccination status. If you think you may have measles, please don’t go to any of these big events because the condition is highly infectious.”

For more information on how measles can be prevented and what treatments are available, visit the NHS Choices website