Telford and Wrekin CCG challenge local residents to stop smoking for October

As part of the Stoptober campaign, Telford and Wrekin CCG is challenging local residents to stop smoking for all 28 days of October. Research shows if you stop smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit for good.

There are several reasons why you should take up the challenge including a number of health benefits, protecting your family from second hand smoke and saving more money each month.

Top five health benefits of quitting smoking include:

  • Live longer: stopping smoking adds healthy years to your life
  • Improved smell and taste
  • Physical activities including running and walking become much easier
  • Lung capacity improves by 10 per cent within nine months
  • Feel less stressed

There are a number of options to help you quit smoking. These include using e-cigarettes; receiving daily support with the new Stoptober application (app), as well as using a number of nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches and chewing gum.

The new NHS app, ‘Stoptober’ helps you stay on track for the whole 28 days of October by providing daily support and motivation while distracting you when you are craving for a cigarette.

Dr Jo Leahy, Chair Telford and Wrekin CCG, said: “Stopping smoking can be extremely hard, especially if you have been smoking for a number of years. However, I would encourage all residents who smoke to take part in the Stoptober challenge.

“There are a number of services available. A lot of people like to use e-cigarettes, they come in several different flavours and they are highly popular. E-cigarettes carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes and they are great ways to help you stop smoking.

“As well as this, there’s now the new NHS Stoptober app which helps you every step of the way. The app tracks the days you have been smoke free, shows how much money you have been saving and keeps you motivated throughout the process.”

To find out more about Stoptober and what help and support is available, visit the Stoptober website

For more information about the benefits of stopping smoking visit the NHS Choices website.