Go Dry this January and improve your health

As part of Dry January, NHS Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are challenging local residents to stay sober throughout January.

Alcohol is the UK’s biggest risk factor for death, ill-health and disability for people aged 15-49.

There are several reasons why you should take up the challenge including a number of health benefits: losing weight and sleeping better.

Top five health benefits of staying sober:

  • Your skin will start to look better
  • You will feel fitter
  • Feel better in the mornings
  • Feel less tired during the day
  • You may lose weight

Dr Jo Leahy, local GP and Clinical Chair of the CCG, said:

“When you are used to drinking on a weekly basis it can be hard to stop for an extended period of time. However, I would encourage everyone who enjoys a drink in their free time to give the Dry January challenge a go.  The first few days may be hard but it will get easier as you go along. There are several ways to help you stay sober including the new NHS One You Drinks Tracker app which tracks the amount of alcohol you drink and gives you daily tips and feedback. If you do stay sober for the whole month, you’ll feel much healthier by the end, less tired, losing a bit of weight and saving a bit of money.” 

You can visit the NHS Choices website for a list of ways to help you cut down on your drinking, and download the NHS One You Drinks Tracker.