What is mentoring?

Confidentiality is at the core of what we do.

“Coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help people to take charge of their own development, to realise their potential and to achieve results which they value.”(Connor and Pokora)

 Big changes? Stale? Under pressure? Or simply in need of a new challenge? All of us have had one or more informal mentoring relationship at some time in our professional lives. However once we become GPs ourselves, we often spend all our energy in supporting others, and in times of challenge or transition can be reluctant or too pressured to seek support or refreshing input.

Before Mentoring

For all of us there are times when a confidential chat with an empathetic colleague with no vested interest can make a huge positive difference and keep us in control and enthusiastic whether we need support or a challenge to develop ourselves further.


Our mentors all follow the strictest code of confidentiality. Only one of the mentoring leads and your mentor will know that you are being mentored and nobody will know the content of your discussions except your mentor. The usual caveats apply – if you tell your mentor anything that raises concern about your safety, the safety of another, or criminal activity s/he will be obliged to take appropriate action in line with GMC guidelines.

After mentoring

We are also more than happy to mentor and buddy GP’s new to the area or returning to practice to help become established.

Below are a few comments and feedback results from colleagues received about Paean’s mentoring service via our anonymous feedback email 100% of mentee’s feedback indicated that they would use the Scheme again and also would suggest the scheme to another user, 67% said that they found the mentoring scheme:

  • ‘extremely helpful’
  • ‘I saw things with a new perspective’
  • ‘It was good to be able to use the mentor as a sounding board and have the advice of an experienced and independent colleague; that I am not being unreasonable in my expectations of my colleagues or myself”
  • ‘I realised that I need to address some of the issues within my partnership with a degree of frankness and urgency; both for the benefit of the patients and my own health’

Mentoring is:

  • Supportive
  • Confidential
  • Challenging
  • Inspiring
  • Reflective
  • Non-directive
  • Formal/informal
  • Restorative

Latest news

March 2018: Telford and Wrekin CCG are pleased to announce that mentoring can now be accessed by GP’s across the county via the GP-S Portal

Here is an extract from the website:

“GP-S is a free peer mentoring service for General Practice. We offer free mentoring, coaching and signposting. We are currently offering GP-S to all GPs in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Paean (Telford and Wrekin CCG and Shropshire CCG) – including GP trainees who have been issued their CCT. GP-S can be used by anyone who would like to explore ways to develop themselves. This could be personally, professionally or within your career. We aim to build resilience in the General Practice workforce by allowing you time and space to develop your personal goals. From May 2017 GP-S began offering free peer mentoring to Practice Nurses and Practice Managers.”