Our Objectives


1. To improve commissioning of effective, safe and sustainable services, which deliver the best possible outcomes, based upon best available evidence

 We will meet this objective by:

  • Ensuring that people have a positive experience of secondary care services by continuing to improve quality and safety in secondary care.
  • Ensuring that people have a positive experience of primary care services by continuing to improve quality and safety in primary care by assessing GP and out of hours services.
  • Continuing to improve the quality of medicines management.
  • Improving the partnership between NHS and local government through joint working through the Health and wellbeing Board.

2. To increase life expectancy and reduce health inequalities

We will meet this objective by:

  • Reducing premature mortality from cardio vascular disease by further improving the prevention, management and treatment of cardio vascular disease in primary care.
  • Reducing premature mortality from cancer.
  • Meeting the needs of the ageing population, specifically around mental health and dementia services.
  • Addressing long term conditions management and treatment, specifically around COPD and Diabetes.
  • Improving life chances for children and young people and addressing teenage pregnancy rates.
  • Improving the mental health and wellbeing of the population.

3. To encourage healthier lifestyles

We will meet this objective by:

  • Addressing the obesity rates in adults and children.
  • Reducing the number of alcohol-specific admissions (including in children).
  • Improving access to information regarding lifestyle advice and ensuring services are delivered through front line staff e.g. “Making Every Contact Count”.
  • Reducing smoking-attributable hospital admissions and deaths by smoking intervention programmes.
  • Reducing the high levels of smoking in pregnancy.
  • Increasing the breastfeeding rates.

4. To support vulnerable people

We will meet this objective by:

  • Ensuring carers have appropriate access to health and prevention services.
  • Ensuring patients recovering from episodes of ill health or following injury have access to rehabilitation and re-ablement.
  • Treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm, severe harm or death ensuring that all patient safety incidents are reported and investigated.

5. In meeting the objectives above, to exercise CCG functions effectively, efficiently and economically, and in accordance with generally accepted principles of good governance and as an employer of choice

We will meet this objective by:

  • Delivering our Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention targets.
  • Staying within our financial budget.
  • Adhering to our internal control framework.

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions on our vision and objectives by visiting our Patient Advice and Liaison Service page.