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Operational Plan

The Operational Plan details our priorities and activities in the coming year (2012/13) and how they are going to be addressed. The Plan consists of five documents below.

Please be aware these plans are currently a work in progress, and are subject to change.

Sustainability and Transformation Plan

pdf Shropshire and Telford STP (3.01 MB)

STP summary for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Local Digital Roadmap Refresh.pdf [pdf] 2MB 


Emergency Planning

These documents below detail the CCG's response to Emergency preparedess resilience and response including Business Continuity.


pdf 5 Year Plan final submission (156 downloads) Popular
pdf 5 Year Plan Appendix B (173 downloads) Popular
pdf TWCCG Incident Response Plan v1 reviewed 5 8 15 (121 downloads) Popular
pdf Two Year Plan presentation Read Only (145 downloads) Popular
pdf TW CCG Governance Plan (149 downloads) Popular
pdf Readmissions and emergency threshold plan 2014 15 final (162 downloads) Popular
pdf Telford and Wrekin PoaP 14 15 final 2014 04 04 (140 downloads) Popular
pdf TW CCG HR Plan (128 downloads) Popular
pdf TW CCG Financial Plan (139 downloads) Popular
pdf TW CCG Comms and Engagement Plan (137 downloads) Popular
pdf TW CCG Operational Plan (160 downloads) Popular
pdf Shropshire and Telford STP (398 downloads) Popular
pdf Communciation and Engagement Strategy Action Plan (117 downloads) Popular
document EPRR Framework march 2015 reviewed Sept 17docx (55 downloads)
document Business Continuity Plan review February 2017 doc (96 downloads)
document On Call Policy Shrosphire and Telford and Wrekin CCG Feb 17 Version 6 (62 downloads)