What We Do

As GPs we are the people local patients turn to first for medical help.

We are the health professionals who have most day-to-day involvement with people in the district, and we see what their health needs are.

But we don’t provide all the health services people need. Instead we commission these services from other providers.

The main services that we commission include:

  • Hospital care: If you need to go to hospital for tests, a consultation with a specialist or an operation
  • Out of hours and emergency care: Whether it is at A&E, from the out-of-hours GP service or a visit to a Minor Injuries Unit
  • Community care: Healthcare that people receive in their homes, such as visits from a community nurse
  • Rehabilitation care: Services that help people regain their independence following ill health. This is particularly important if they have spent a long time in hospital
  • Mental health services: Making sure people with mental health needs get the support they need
  • Learning disability services: Making sure people with learning disabilities can live as independently as possible with the right support
  • Primary Care services: Making sure people have access to GP services under delegated decision making from NHS England.

At every step of the way we will listen to the opinions of our patients to make sure these services meet with their expectations and are tailored to local needs.

We will also work with our local partners, including other NHS organisations, voluntary groups and Telford and Wrekin Council.

We will do of this by carefully managing the resources available and ensuring we provide value for money.