Do you know what to do if your child has Bronchiolitis or Croup?

Respiratory infections like Bronchiolitis and Croup are one of ‘The Big 6’ illnesses most commonly seen in children under 16 that can lead to them being seen by urgent and emergency care services.

To help parents, guardians and carers understand the quickest and most appropriate treatment for their child; Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have created an advice sheet that outlines how to manage the illness and the best courses of action to take depending on the symptoms and severity.

Bronchiolitis and Croup are both respiratory infections which are common in young children. However, they present slightly differently.

Symptoms of Bronchiolitis are:

• a sore throat
• a headache
• a runny or blocked nose
• aches and pains
• tiredness.

Symptoms of Croup are:

• a barking cough that sounds like a seal (you can hear examples online)
• a hoarse voice
• difficulty breathing
• a rasping sound when breathing in.

‘The Big 6’ advice sheets include the warning signs of Bronchiolitis and Croup to look out for, an FAQ that you can use to assess the seriousness of a child’s illness and advice about what actions need to be taken in response to the symptoms presented. Parents, guardians and the general public can access the Bronchiolitis and Croup advice sheets here