2 Week Wait Clinical Pathways



SaTH (Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust) have produced the following information sheet explaining the Urgent 2 Week Wait referral process:

  pdf 2WW TWW Patient Information Leaflet SATH.pdf [pdf] 33KB (32 KB)

The following is a list of the current 2 Week Wait Referral templates that can be found in your EMIS Web System at your Practice. Simply click on a heading and the relevant documents can be found in the resulting list:

folder Brain (2WW)

folder Breast (2WW)

folder Children & Young People (2WW)

folder Gynaecology

folder Gynaecology (2WW)

folder Haematology

folder Head & Neck (inc ENT) (2WW)

folder Lower GI (2WW)

folder Lung (2WW)

folder Sarcoma (2WW)

folder Skin (2WW)

folder Upper GI (2WW)

folder Urology (2WW)

folder Vague Symptoms (2ww)