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http://www.shropscommunityhealth.nhs.uk/rte.asp?id=10002 - Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust provides community-based services for adults and children in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and some services in surrounding areas too.  These range from district nursing, health visiting and running four community hospitals through to providing very specialist community care through talented and dedicated staff.

https://telford.mylifeportal.co.uk/home.aspx - Telford and Wrekin Council's Adult Social Care directory provides a suite of materials giving signposting information and details about social care, voluntary organisations and providers of services and where you can find out social care related information.

www.telford.gov.uk/info/20087/healthy_telford - Healthy Telford

www.healthwatchtelfordandwrekin.org.uk/online-directory - Healthwatch online directory

www.telford.gov.uk/news/20086/adult_care_and_support- Telford and Wrekin Council Community Directory - Adult Care & Support (and new 2015 Care Act)

NHS Choices Homepage

Constipation - know the signs!

Here is a link to some leaflets that have been produced by NHS England to help families and carers of people with a learning disability know the signs of constipation: https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/constipation-learning-disability-resources/   

The leaflets provide guidance on actions to be taken if there is suspicion that someone is constipated.  There are leaflets for families/carers and healthcare professionals.  There is a useful easy read version too. 

Adult Services - Autism

We are pleased to announce that our Adult Autism pathway is now in place.

The supporting documents for this pathway are attached.

  pdf Adults with Suspected Autism Clinical Pathway [pdf] 376KB (375 KB)

The referral pathway requires GPs to signpost patients with suspected Autism to the Autism Hub, Listen not Label (Telford and Wrekin CVS), for pre-diagnostic support.   

The patient may be provided with a copy of the Adult Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ50) questionnaire to complete and take with them to the Autism Hub, however the Hub will support the patient to complete this. We have also attached the Patient Information leaflet on Autism.   

The patient will attend the Autism Hub (Based at The Glebe Centre in Wellington)  for pre-diagnostic support, from a Psychologist, prior to determining whether they proceed for a formal clinical diagnosis from Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust.

  pdf Listen not Label - Autism Hub Flyer [pdf] 284KB (284 KB)

Also attached is a flyer from Creative Support for people to access the social events in their areas.

  pdf Telford Hub Tuesdays - Film Night [pdf] 278KB (278 KB)

  pdf What's on at film night [pdf] 417KB (416 KB)